About Interplanetary Justice

Interplanetary Justice is a series of science fiction books written by the iScribe D-PAK about the vCourt (i.e. virtual court) adventures of 24-_orbit_old defenderAdvocate Thiery Wallace, his bisexual 19_orbit_old paralegal Laurie and his lesbian boss Jane.

It is set about 2000 years in the future when the planet Jupiter has been dismantled by nuclear fusion and assembled into a ring of 300 Earth-Sized planets around the sun.

There is in fact enough matter in Jupiter for 318 Earth-sized planets (as those familiar with Freeman J Dyson or readers of Adrian Berry’s Next Ten Thousand Years will know). However, the matter for the remaining 18 Earth-sized planets was instead turned into millions of space stations – mostly orbiting the planets at various altitudes, but some placed in more distant orbits.

Most notable among these are the rocketLodges in the asteroid belt where people go for rocketRider holidays and engage in – sometimes risky – asteroidSlaloms. To give you some idea of what I am talking about, think of the rocketLodges as the Forth Millennium equivalents of ski lodges and rocketRiders – though physically resembling motorbikes or jetskis – as the equivalent of skis, at least in terms of their recreational use.

Now they can be used anywhere: in the atmosphere as well as orbital space. But their most adventurous use is in a asteroidSlalom, whizzing in and out of the asteroids. Of course some of these asteroids are artificial and well-padded, to make them safer for the less experienced rocketRiders in the event of an accidental collision. (NB the term “rocketRider” can be used both for the vehicles and for the people who ride them.) But the more adventurous among us like to test their manhood – yes sexism is alive and well in the fourth millennium – against the natural asteroids with their rocky surfaces and jagged edges.

And of course sometimes they come a cropper… but that is precisely where our first story begins…


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